Universal Precast Connector (UPC)

The Universal Precast Connector (UPC) is a multipurpose connector for various precast connections.  Including:  Double tee end connections, IT beam edges, and various type of spandrel or wall panel connections.

Features and Benefits to the UPC:

  • Single Piece Steel Construction - Creating a strong element.
  • Fitment in Numerous Precast Products - Reduce the need to stock specific hardware for each component.
  • Rectangular Face Design - Fits in forms easily.
  • Strong in Tension and Shear - exceeds the capacity of most fabricated embeds.
  • Save Time and Money - Comparable to most common embeds but without the cost and time of shop fabrication.
  • Time Tested Patented Design - Used in structures throughout the Midwest for over a decade.

Technical Information:

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Ordering Information:

Part # Name Material
UPCCX19 Universal Precast Connector Carbon Steel

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