Ming Wing

The Original Ming Wing is an ICC certified, time tested, cost efficient, US made precast concrete connector that provides the same shear capacity as our competitors at a fraction of the price.

The Original Ming Wing started as a limited offering to a few precast partners, being used for the last 30 years in highly corrosive environments, including over 700 precast parking structures.

All Original Ming Wings are Made in the USA with US steel.

Features and Benefits:

  • AC468 Certification - ICC-ES qualified by an independent certification lab for use as a precast concrete diaphragm connector in high seismic zones.
  • Designed and Supported By Precast Engineers - Designed by engineers with producer input and decades of precast experience.
  • Optimal Strength – The straight leg of the Original Ming Wing minimizes material and is shown to produce less local damage than legs that are twisted.
  • Exclusive Sawtooth Design - No worries of tie wire slippage and allows for better concrete adhesion, reducing the likelihood of connection failure.

Technical Information:

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Ordering Information:


Part Number Name Material
OMWC22 Original Ming Wing Carbon Steel
OMWS22 Original Ming Wing Stainless Steel
OMWP22* Original Ming Wing Zinc Coated Carbon Steel

* Plated carbon available via special order

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