Wing Blockouts

Wing Blockouts are offered to help your production team ensure proper placement of the Original Ming Wing(OMW) within your steel or wood forms, reducing the chance of connector misalignment and related field issues.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to be used with the Original Ming Wings, MKA Connections offers two sizes of Wing Blockouts.
  • Color coded for easy identification.
  • Multiple holes to maximize form compatibility.



Wing Blockout - WB0.38P19A

Distance from top in form face to top edge of OMW = .38”

Originally designed for use in a typical pre-topped double tee, this Wing Blockout is our most popular size and is used regularly in insulated walls and architectural panels.

Wing Blockout - WB1.00P19A

Distance from top in form face to top edge of OMW = 1”

Designed for use in a medium thick section, this Wing Blockout is used to help position the Original Ming Wing in double tee flanges or walls panels.

Ordering Information:

Part # Name Description Material
WB0.38P19A Wing Blockout 3/8" Recess Plastic
WB1.00P19A Wing Blockout 1" Recess Plastic

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